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Thread: Insulting to say the least

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    Question Insulting to say the least

    I get given an infraction for defending my right to offer constructive criticism. And in turn read a response in the thread afterwards implying the post useless, which in itself breaks rule 1.

    I am all for staffing and rules, but not staff that insult me, and warn me for trying to aid people to not run into problems. I was in no way offensive.
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    Re: Insulting to say the least

    You came across poorly. Your manner of writing is very direct, and that appears harsh, whether you have intended it or not.

    I'll take your word for it that you meant nothing but good. At the same time, my reading as a outsider to the discussion is that the staff action in the thread was valid. Regardless of intent, the way you expressed your thoughts came across as confrontational and short, not politely instructive nor kindly helpful.
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