Did anyone ever get anywhere with this problem?


In hardy the best I managed to achieve was 1024x768 using the VESA driver and the result was mixed at best.

Did anyone manage to get 1200x800 in Hardy like people in the above thread appeared to do with early releases?

Frankly I just don't understand SiS's position. Their current attitude of witholding the drivers doesn't seem to be achieving anything except the alienation of Linux users. I know I will certainly never buy anything containing SiS hardware again if the situation doesn't change.

I've just upgraded to Intrepid and now I can't even get the bloody thing to go higher than 800x600 which is absolutely heartbreaking. Will soon be downgrading to Hardy again and (sadly) reverting back to Vesa 1024x768 which comes with funky horizontal bands across the screen.

The fact that I'm willing to put up with this should be testament to just how much I dread ever having to reinstall windows...

Anyone who finds a solution to this issue will have my eternal gratitude and possibly my first-born son...