I am so new to Ubuntu that I haven't had to upgrade the kernel before. Here are some questions about upgrading it via the update manager:

Will the new kernel automatically load the modules that I use now for, say, Ethernet and WiFi?
If not, suppose I keep the old kernel and add it as an option in GRUB (the upadte manager will automatically offer me this option, right?). When I boot into the old kernel, will the old modules be loaded?

So to get more specific, firstly I am using ndiswrapper for wireless and that's working well. I don't want to break it with some potentially buggy proprietary driver. Secondly, I had to blacklist the r8169 driver for ethernet which came with the kernel and had to install the proprietary r8168. Will these changes be reversed and will I have to repeat this procedure again if the default driver turns out to be as buggy as the one I had to remove?

Just want to know whether upgrading is a one minute thing this time just as usual or whether I should do it when I actually have time to sort out any mess that can occur.

Thanks in advance!