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Thread: Backup to tar the updated files ONLY

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    Question Backup to tar the updated files ONLY

    In this post mdpalow wrote that it's possible to "copy updated files to another drive using tar".

    I use tar to take daily backups of some of my files but when I run the below command it's still copying all the files to the tar again.

    sudo tar uvpf /media/BACKUP-1/backupFLASHDRIVE.tar /media/FLASHDRIVE
    Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong and explain how, when my backup runs, I can get it to only copy the updated files?

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    Re: Backup to tar the updated files ONLY

    The tar command "tar uvpf" uses the update flag. According to
    ‘--update’ (‘-u’) is not suitable for performing backups for two reasons: it does not change directory content entries, and it lengthens the archive every time it is used.
    To do incremental backups with tar, see
    (in particular, section 5.2)

    However, I wonder if a different tool such as rsync might be easier to use.
    For example,
    rsync -a /media/FLASHDRIVE/ /media/BACKUP-1
    would copy all files from /media/FLASHDRIVE/ to /media/BACKUP-1.
    One subsequent runs only files that have changed will get transferred.

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