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Thread: Help!!!! Im a newbiee!!! @_@

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    Angry ATI Radeon Graphics problem

    I've been using linux for some time now, but still really dont understand how to make stuff work with it. This time im trying to use Ubuntu 8.04 and im having the same problems I had with Suse 11.0.
    I have an atheros wireless card, and somehow the drivers for it do not work. Please if anyone can help me that'd be great.
    Since im REALLY nooby with this stuff, please try to explain as informative as possible, and if you could please make the commands I have to type in copy-paste-able, that'd be great (once again cus im a noob -_-).
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    Re: Help!!!! Im a newbiee!!! @_@

    What model Atheros wireless card are you using? Some seem to work better "out of the box" than others.

    If you're not sure, you can find out by running the follow command from the terminal (on the Applications->Accessories menu)
    lspci | grep Atheros
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