These problems are on a Thinkpad R60 running Hardy. I blame the game Planeshift for these problems, mostly because they weren't there before I tried the game, and it did lots of other crazy stuff whenever it froze up.

Anyway, it's hard to describe the issues I'm having with the cursor, but I'll try. When the problem first started (on startups), when I moved the cursor, it was already dragging a select box like I had the button held down, and the box would not go away. I learned quickly to move it only slightly, and click right away to keep the box small. Later, I put an RSS screenlet in the center of the screen so all it was doing was moving that instead of making a box. Now, my screenlets are all on the second workspace and won't stay on the first one, but that's a different issue.

The left click acts really weird now at startup. It will only work on a certain portion of a certain window at a time (like just the bookmarks menus of Firefox, but not the tabs or links). I can usually right click on things and it sort of changes the left clicks focus. In this way, I right click on my taskbar, and by repeatedly clicking the log out/power button, finally get the window to pop up. I then log off, back in, and everything is fine again.

Any ideas anyone?