I've gotten my HP 2133's touchpad almost exactly the way I want it with custom synaptic options, but one thing is still driving me crazy: the touchpad is much more sensitive vertically than horizontally. This is especially disorienting when going between this touchpad and one that has a standard 1:1 ratio.

The touchpad is much wider than it is tall, which is a good thing to have when the screen is also wide. But they screwed up (at the hardware level, as far as I can tell) in mapping this physical rectangle into a virtual square (why!!!!?). This eliminates the benefit of it resembling the widescreen, and in fact it's worse than if it were a square because horizontal acceleration is greatly reduced. I can track from the top of the screen to the bottom, but not from the left to the right (in one stroke). I can't speed it up any more without vertical being far too sensitive. And at any rate it's disorienting to use with such different scales for horizontal and vertical.

I would like to correct this in software, but surprisingly there doesn't seem to be separate horizontal and vertical speed factors among synaptic's myriad options. Maybe, though, there is some way to correct it in a higher level mouse driver, in X or the window manager or somewhere? Any clues? At this point I can't even find the right place to file an upstream synaptic feature request.