Hi Everyone,

I have been considering a project for sometime now and have finallly freed enough time to begin working on it. It is really a quick hack to get the MS SAPI speech engines to work under Linux not just Ubuntu.

I have SAPI running under WINE *Note that Hardy breaks the install process of the MS SAPI 5.1 SDK. I have hacked that around a bit and got it working again but by default it does not work. I have submitted a bug report to the WINE team.

I also have VWKate SAPI 5 from NeoSpeech installed. This has been tested using the TextAloud package and also the MS examples under WINE.

From there I am in the process of writing an executable in windows that implements the basics of the SAPI engine and Gnone Speech Dispatcher interfaces.

To increase the speed of development (in theory ) I have used tcl to script the SAPI to Speech Dispatcher middle ware. This is using a combination of TCOM for windows com objects into the SAPI engine. Speech Dispatcher uses standard in and out for communication.

This will create a Server Client Model onto the SAPI engine that can allow for communications from Linux based programs and software to call the SAPI engine to speak.

So I think it is possible to get this functioning and I am interested to know from people here:

Firstly if people can get over the fact that i am using MS on Linux.

Secondly if there is anyone with any suggestions, that wants to help out, that have a particular interested to see this working. Please drop ne a message or post on this thread.