ILM (George Lucas) still had Silicon Graphics stations (along with Sun workstations that do a lot of their general computing) up until I left Marin and retired 15 years ago .. no one wanted to buy them and a VERY high percentage of their work was shifting over to Video Toaster. It is my understanding from friends inside that when Pixar spun off from the parent company and went indi, they chose Video Toaster as well.
The dominant machine in the computer room at Skywalker ranch was, at one time, Sun. They even NAMED them!! (yep, R2D2, Chewey, C3PO, and so on.) (stupid room was an OVEN if you did not keep the vent fans on constantly .. got even worse under the floor in the wire crawl area (4' high! used mechanics creepers to get around under there).
Once I got their fiber optic network installed, SOME of the heat went away, but the multiplexers still generated some heat!