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Thread: randomly generate surfaces in pygame

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    Question randomly generate surfaces in pygame

    Is there a way to generate random surface names in pygame? I'm trying to make it so when you press the mouse button, a random image will come up where the cursor is (like a stamp.)

    I have the mouse position varuables set up already. I was thinking I could make a list with all of the image names then use .pop(randomnumber) to take it out and return it. But then how do I position them? and If there are duplicates, will the original stamp simply snap to where the new one will go?

    I need help

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    Re: randomly generate surfaces in pygame

    Your question is probably within my domain of knowledge, but I don't have the time to figure out a precise answer for it. I will, however, make a pathetic attempt at being useful in suggesting that you ask here if no one here can help you.

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