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Thread: Good/original OpenSource games don't exist ?

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    Re: Good/original OpenSource games don't exist ?

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    What I can't seem to understand is the big difference between indie freeware games and indie open source games. Look at places like TIGSource or and you'll find a steady stream of new, interesting, and often innovative titles. So why can't the open source community match that? Frankly, I've yet to come up with a good, solid answer to that question. All I can say is that I hope we do make some headway, the sooner the better.

    So yeah, this discussion is a good idea. It helps bring this problem out into the open and maybe even answer a few of the proposed questions. But it also proves that talk isn't worth much. This thread was started way back in May, 2006 and in that time the situation has changed very little. There is a little light, though. Free Gamer is a pretty active little community aimed at open source game devs. It's the only site I know of centered around open source games that actually seems to be driving some innovation and the closest thing to an indie games community we Linux users have. May Free Gamer live a long happy life and may open source games flourish
    Not like I know for sure, but I've always felt that the difference between the OSS games and Indy games stems from the kind of developers in those fields. OSS devs usually come from "learned it myself" or "university" backgrounds. Indy devs usually come from being hardcore gamers of some kind or another. OSS devs, therefore have a bigger world view, but less passion, where Indy devs are much more focused, and have no qualms with a commercial system (since they grew up accepting that system).

    Me and my two college buds have started a community/project/company that hybridizes indy and OSS development. Its called MirthKit, and the basic ideas behind it are:
    1. What if you could see the source of commercial games?
    2. What if OSS had a unified place to view games that's available on any platform?
    3. What if the sponsor of such a community only benefited when the community benefited?

    More info:

    If you have any comments about it, especially including ways you think our policies could be friendlier, I want to hear it.
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