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Thread: Need help with advanced Access control

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    Need help with advanced Access control

    I have a samba share, on which everyone connects as guest.

    I need this share to behave the following way:
    everyone can upload (create) and rename files. But noone can delete anything.

    Is there a way I can do that with Linux?

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    Re: Need help with advanced Access control

    acl, selinux etc can give you a much fine-grained control but you will have to look at a complicated tutorial to do that. The following can be done easily, your /tmp folder already behaves in a fashion similar to your requirements.

    Suppose the directory is /home/descentspb/share. Just do
    chmod 1777 /home/descentspb/share
    Now if user1 creates a file, only user1 will be able to remove it. All users can create their own files.

    I understand that this is not exactly your requirement. You don't even want the creator to be able to remove a file.

    EDIT: note that the owner of /home/descentspb/share can delete all files in it. If you don't want this, make root its owner.
    sudo chown root /home/descentspb/share
    sudo chmod 1777 /home/descentspb/share
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