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Thread: i want to learn more

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    Smile i want to learn more

    i have been using ubuntu in my desktop pc and am able to do day to day tasks.

    when i hear people talk about editing some .conf and things like that... i feel that i want to learn more.. but i dont know how.. can you point me to some resources or things like that

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    Re: i want to learn more

    .conf files are configuration files for various applications. You can edit them using your basic text editor to tailor them to your specific needs and make the application in question run in a specific way. What you exactly want to do would depend on what the application was.

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    Re: i want to learn more

    You could check out the following books:
    The Official Ubuntu Book
    Ubuntu Hacks
    Ubuntu Linux from Novice to Professional
    Also and most important read the forums and ASK QUESTIONS. There are a lot of people who will help you to learn what you want to learn.
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    Re: i want to learn more

    The beginners lessons may feel a bit remedial, but I just finished them a couple of days ago, and I'm glad I read through them. It's nice to be able to pipe the output of something even as simple as ls -al into a file that you can highlight, copy, paste, and search in.

    As far as configuration of things and experience with that I installed fluxbox and learned how to edit the menus file and keys file (keyboard shorcuts) for various things. Get out on the forums and look for programs that you might be ineterested in, or different windows managers or whatever and start customizing everything. You could also install conky and work on creating something like these.


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