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Thread: can't connect to lighttpd on localhost on ubuntu 8.04

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    Question [SOLVED]can't connect to lighttpd on localhost on ubuntu 8.04

    Hi everybody,

    I've gone through about every plausible cause that might be the source of this error, and nothing has turned up.

    I'm attempting to run lighttpd as a development server on my Compaq Evo N610c running Ubuntu 8.04 (originally installed Kubuntu 8.04 but downloaded the ubuntu-desktop package(s) and switched to GNOME to fix my wireless issues I was having.) and when I load up firefox and go to http://localhost, it attempts to load for a while then times out. Pinging localhost on any port (as well as telnet-ing) seems to all yield the same time out.

    I can't figure this out. My /etc/hosts file looks like this: localhost.localdomain localhost devin-laptop
    I think I've done my due diligence but if something is missing on my end please don't hesitate to let me know.



    Solved: For some reason lo was down, so I just did sudo ifconfig lo up and things worked.
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