I ran ubuntu 8.04 live disk and could find all my devices on my local network ( 1 winxp machine, 1 nas server). I installed 8.04and I can get to the internet, but can't access my local network. BUT, if I try to install a printer connected to my other computer using samba, I can see both my winxp computer and my nas server.

I know my network works with ubuntu 7 and 8 live so this must be some kind of configuration issue. Any ideas why I can't access my network from the install? I've reinstalled twice but same problem.

I had the same problem when I updated from ubuntu 7 to 8 - I got that fixed, but can't remember exactly what I did. Unfortunately, that got damaged and this is a clean install.

Please help - I'd like to move along with this and get ubuntuing.