Hi there,

I currently have a router set to forward all traffic to my server (router is, server eth0 is

The server is my firewall, it has a list of ports to forward to specific computers inside my network, for example the microsoft remote desktop port is forwarded to

My ISP has given me 8 IP addresses of which i can only use 5.

My dilemma is i want anything on address 1 (lets say to be handled as it is at the moment, by my server but _ANY_ traffic that is on ip to be forwarded to an internal machine ( to handle, essentially DMZing it on the perticular IP. I have looked around on the internet but can only find specific port forwards but it does not help when trying to foward any traffic on a specific IP.

Essentially i am giving my other computer a public facing ip address but the nic on said computer has an internal one?

Can anyone help me?