Hey mate!

Thanks heaps for your post, I look forward to having sound!
Now with that, I'm almost a total linux noob so when you say, compile this and copy this and change this I get quite lost.

I guess what I'm used to doing is following the step by step processes that people patiently type out for people like me (like "open console and type xyz, then type this) but the down side of this is that I'm not really learning how to figure stuff out for myself.

So I'll leave it up to you, if you have the patience I would appreciate a bit more detail in exactly how to do some of those steps, but if you want, just tell me to stop being so lazy and figure it out for myself

I did start the first option, which uninstalled ALSA, but one of the other modules it wanted to uninstall with it was "ubuntu-desktop" which made me a bit nervous so I bailed out.

Thanks again!