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Thread: HowTo: Broadcom BCM43xx in 5 minutes with ndiswrapper/WPA for fresh installs

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    HowTo: Broadcom BCM43xx in 5 minutes with ndiswrapper/WPA for fresh installs

    Note: I'm continuing the thread that has been made read-only in the archives:
    "HowTo: Broadcom 4311 in 5 minutes with ndiswrapper/WPA for fresh Feisty installs"

    Edit: Since I originally posted this I've also added support for other devices, so it now supports the BCM4306, BCM4310, BCM4311, BCM4312, BCM4318, and BCM4328
    Edit 2: Update (Oct 2007): Gutsy Gibbon (*Ubuntu 7.10) has native support (via the restricted driver manager) that actually works, so this guide isn't strictly necessary for Gutsy. However, Gutsy's native support isn't capable of quite the same bandwidth as this ndiswrapper solution. Further, it doesn't seem to work for everyone. Fortunately, this guide also appears to be compatible with Gutsy.
    Edit 3: Update (Apr 26 2008): This howto works with Hardy Heron (*Ubuntu 8.04) for many users. I've added some Hardy-specific commands that workaround an outstanding (ssb) module loading bug. Note, this howto still doesn't work for some Hardy users, for reasons we haven't fully hashed out yet, but almost certainly related to the ssb issue. Hardy users, please refrain from voting until this is worked out, but feel free to make thread posts.

    I created a quick howto for myself, since I've had to install this card a few times. This howto works well for fresh installs of Feisty (and Gutsy, and Hardy), and requires no compiled packages. (This means simple apt-get installs only for most people, but there are ndiswrapper compilation instructions for those who need it.)

    BCM43xx HowTo.

    This should take less than 5 minutes.

    Please report your results here or on the wiki. Others benefit from detailed feedback, so you get bonus points if you provide all of the following:

    HARDY Users, Before Following the Wiki: (I need this to try to develop a module-reloading script, since Hardy users ideally should use a custom module reloader for their particular hardware.)

    * Modules and Dependencies: lsmod

    All Users, After Following the Wiki
    • Machine Brand and Model
    • Wireless Brand and Model (please post the whole line): lspci | grep Broadcom
    • Wireless Chipset: lspci -n | grep '14e4:43'
    • Ubuntu Version: lsb_release -d
    • Kernel / Architecture: uname -mr
    • Any extra boot options you might be using (e.g., noacpi, irqpoll, etc.)
    • Whether or not you had to compile NDISWrapper
    • Which version of Step 2 you used (If you try the recommended step 2, and it doesn't work, and then you find some other, presumably newer, driver version that *does* work, please provide a link to the download, for inclusion consideration.)
    • If you're on Hardy, whether you had to apply the "Hardy Bug Fix" workaround or not

    Good luck,
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