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Thread: WoW Ace Updater

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    WoW Ace Updater

    Hey there.

    I need to update my WoW UI, and used WoW Ace Updater in Windows, which auto-updates all my Ace addons...however, I cant seem to get it working in ubuntu.

    I can download fine, but when I try to open with wine, it doesnt seem to work? Is it not supported by Ubuntu, or is there something I am doing wrong?

    Help appreciated

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    Re: WoW Ace Updater

    I know its an old post but it is still listed on google top 5. So the solution for all Operating systems will be the Java Ace Updater. Its an projekt on google code.

    In my Opinion it works better then the original WoWAceUpdater.

    Greetings, Rowar


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