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Thread: Remaster ubuntu and make installable via wubi?

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    Remaster ubuntu and make installable via wubi?

    [update 12PM(IST): The issue seems to be resolved with the wubiguide. We'd still love to see an exhaustive guide where homebrew ubuntu-based distros can be made and installed using wubi]


    We'd made a livecd containing settings and packages specific to our University and network, and distributed it to the students with great success.

    It was based on ubuntu and made using a squashfs and ubiquity system from scratch.

    We wish to make a wubi-based install for the same. It should be downloadable from the local intranet and installable without burning the ISO on a seperate CD.

    To the best of my knowledge, an alternate install-type CD will be required. But we'll need to modify the sources.list and

    I'd love it if a guide were available to create a custom distribution and smake it installable via wubi, or if a guide already exists, please point us to it, and make it sticky , as a lot of people will be trying to do it.

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