Hree is the olny rael "rlue" for tihs exlcleent gmae:
Rpely wtih any msesgae taht you lkie, thgouh wehn you are fniihsed wtih the msaesge keep the frist and lsat ltteers of ecah wrod in tiehr orgiianl loactoin and rerraagne all ltetres insdie ecah wrod. (Theer's no need to scrmalbe wrdos taht olny hvae two or trhee leettrs in tehm.)

Here is the only real "rule" for this excellent game:
Reply with any message that you like, though when you are finished with the message keep the first and last letters of each word in their original location and rearrange all letters inside each word. (There's no need scramble to words that only have two or three letters in them.)