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Thread: K3B can't burn a CD

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    K3B can't burn a CD

    Tried asking this in General Help, but after five days and two bumps, no answer.

    I *think* I have the bug described here:

    Except I'm using Hardy.

    K3B will read the original CD, but when I put in the one to be burned, it freezes. Then I can't eject the CD either with K3B, or the desktop icon, or Konqueror, or by pressing the eject button. And there's no pinhole to use a paper clip on! (an HP Pavilion 753n)

    Eventually, the CD icon disappears from my desktop. I have to reboot to get the CD out.

    Steps taken so far:

    1. Turned off autonotification when the blank CD is inserted.

    2. Added myself to all groups.

    3. Gave myself full permissions on the CD writer:
    sudo chmod o+r+rw /dev/scd0
    But, as I understand it, you need to reboot for this to register, and once you reboot, the permissions revert to the original, i.e.:
    0 dev='/dev/scd0' rwrw-- : 'CyberDrv' 'CW078D CD-R/RW'

    I'm using kernel = 2.6.24-18-generic, if that makes any difference.

    UPDATE: I can rip a CD with KAudioCreator, but if I try to burn it in Brasero, I get an "unknown error." Has anyone got any ideas? Please?
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