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Thread: Some questions about using Amarok in gnome

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    Some questions about using Amarok in gnome

    I have been using Amarok in gnome for awhile but have questions about it...

    How can I get the songs to change using the media controls on my keyboard?

    How can I get the looks to match my gnome Ubuntu Studio theme? I have installed the KDE UbuntuStudio theme but it still looks really bad..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Some questions about using Amarok in gnome

    I have the most terrible luck getting it to work in Gnome (or Ubuntu to be exact). Also on setting a list of stations to run, it craps, and doesn't let me listen to any. I have to listen to one, then when it gets done, I have to exit completely out of Amarok, then I have to get back in to listen to another radio station. Bad... As to setting keys I haven't managed to get much to work on mine, to even bother trying, but I guess I could, and come back to you, if no one else gets it. EDIT - Oh, I found how to use the keys, just go into Amarok, then go to settings, then configure Shortcuts. I hope that helps, and as to the other, I have no idea, I'm new to Linux.
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