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Thread: Cannot Install Ubuntu

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    Cannot Install Ubuntu

    A while back I downloaded 7.10. I've finally got around to trying to install it, but am having trouble.

    My system specifications are: Intel E8400 CPU (It's 64 bit), nVidia 8800GTX, 780i mobo, and 4GB of RAM.

    I downloaded the 7.10 for 64-bit AMD and Intel systems.

    The problem I'm having is this: I boot from the CD and come to the selection screen. I choose "Install" and get nothing. I hear I'm supposed to see a loading screen with a progress bar, but I just get a blank monitor. The same thing happens if I do the "safe graphics" installation. The CD drive is reading the disk, and the monitor doesn't go to power savings, so I think it's working, I just cannot see it. Is it not compatible with my video card?

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    Re: Cannot Install Ubuntu

    I think its probably a graphics issue with your video card. Maybe the alternate install cd would work. Or you could try Hardy Heron which should have the ability to install with your video.

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    Re: Cannot Install Ubuntu

    1) Did you go down to 'Check CD for Errors'?

    2) What is your graphics card?
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