I'm at my wits end with the sound on this laptop. The first thing I noticed about the sound was that it was ridiculously low, compared to what it had been under Windows. As I played with it, I noticed that the various volume sliders only worked above approximately 50%. I also found that muting the sound in any way (i.e. pressing the mute button, or dragging the volume slider to 0) takes 10-15 seconds to take effect. Lastly, the sound quality is [I]greatly[I] diminished from what is was under Windows.

I've tried just about everything I could find in any thread to fix the problem. The PCM volume is maxed. The right-click-the-volume-icon mixer has nothing lowered. I've tried unbinding the buttons on the laptop itself from changing the software sound level, to make sure that they did not also control the hardware sound level. I tried installing the alsamixergui, as I'd heard that could possibly fix the problem; it did not.

The laptop uses the AD1981HD SoundMax codec.

Any help would be immensely appreciated.