After playing around with Ubuntu in a VM on and off for a while i decided the only way to get to grips with it properly would be to cut the Microsoft strings and just install Ubuntu on my laptop and remove all traces of Windows. And so far so good, however i do have an issue with with DVD's and Sound.

I currently have installed Totem Movie Player, Mplayer, Ogle, VLC and Xine with the liddvdcss2,libdvdnav4 and libdvdread3 library's. And although i can use them all to play .vi,mpg,DivX etc i can only seam to get Ogle to play encrypted DVD's. This it's self is not a big problem, however i also have some USB speakers which i would like to use when playing videos/DVD's. However i can only seam to get Totem to play through the speakers the rest will only play through the laptop speakers.

I have changed all the devices in the System>>Preferences>>Sound config screen to read USB Device which seams to work for Totem but not the others.

Please could someone help me get sound through the other programs or get Totem to play encrypted DVD's.

Thanks for any help.