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Thread: Internetly Only Multi-Screen Ubuntu Machine

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    Internetly Only Multi-Screen Ubuntu Machine

    I am looking for the following 5 features in my new INTERNET-ONLY computer:

    1. Ubuntu
    2. Internet (95% of my work will be done online using a super fast connection).
    3. It should support three 22" glossy displays at 1680x1050 effortlessly
    4. Do all these things perfectly, flawlessly and at lightening and uncompromising speed with virtually no delay both in browser windows and 3 displays etc.
    5. It should be as cheap as humanly possible, without comprising quality, performance or these features.
    + Should I use a SOLID-STATE DRIVE???

    Overall, my computer has two purposes and ONLY two purposes: A LARGE DISPLAY AREA and INTERNET USE.

    I am NOT interested in a big hard drive or CD/DVD drive or other non-essentials for this INTERNET ONLY dream machine.

    How can I accomplish this? What should I buy? Should I buy an already made PC or should I custom build it? How hard would this be to build from scratch? (I have never done this before.)

    I was looking at the Everex TC2502 Green gPC w/ Via C7-D Processor from Wal-Mart for $150.00. However it has to many unnecessary things:

    - Case that is way bigger than it has to be to hold all the hardware
    - 80 GB which I don't need
    - gOS, when I really want straight-up Ubuntu
    - CD-RW/DVD-ROM which I don't need

    Most importantly the Everex doesn't support multi-monitors. How could I cheaply with comprising #4 feature (from above), upgrade the graphics card it so it supports three 22" monitors?

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    Re: Internetly Only Multi-Screen Ubuntu Machine

    Don't post here. This is a duplicate of:


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