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Thread: OGM Merging with multiple audio streams

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    Question OGM Merging with multiple audio streams

    So I have some rips of the Lord of the Rings movies that I was only able to get ripped in ogm with multiple audio streams (4 total including 3 commentary tracks). I haven't been able to find any software that I can use to merge the multiple ogm files though, especially one that would allow me to keep all the audio tracks. Does anyone have any suggestions, or even a converter to say mp4 that would retain all of the audio tracks?

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    Re: OGM Merging with multiple audio streams

    Muxing from OGM to MP4 eventually requires transcoding the streams to MPEG formats, so it is not recommended. You can put the video and all the audio tracks into a single OGM (using ogmmerge from the ogmtools package) or Matroska file (using mkvtoolnix/mkvtoolnix-gui).


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