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Thread: Compiz, KDE, and XFCE -- general question

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    Compiz, KDE, and XFCE -- general question

    Hello, folks. Some time ago, I had kubuntu installed on my laptop (Gateway 4525GZ, it loves Linux). I had performance problems, though, so I switched to Xubuntu, which helped. Later, I actually got a little smarter and realized that most of that performance problem was the fact that I had only 512M RAM, so my swap space would fill up and the system would thrash. I have 1.5G now, and things are MUCH better.

    So, I'm considering two things: switching back to KDE (although I am pretty happy with XFCE, both are great), and installing compiz fusion. I realize the switch to KDE is a personal preference; I mention it mainly because I believe a clean install of kubuntu will install compiz by default. Is that true?

    Otherwise, I may try compiz under XFCE. I've read the posts that my searches dug up, and it seems that some have succeeded, but others haven't. My graphics on the lappy are Intel 855GM with 32M memory, so I'm guessing this should work. Certain, compiz-check indicates so.

    Any advice?


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    Re: Compiz, KDE, and XFCE -- general question

    KDE does have a dialog for if you want to install Compiz Fusion, but for the most clean experience, install GNOME, because the KDE version of the dialog is buggy.
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