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Thread: LDAP and Evolution

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    Question LDAP and Evolution

    I have been trying to get an LDAP directory to show up in Evolution 2.12.

    I finally connected to my office VPN through vpnc. I have entered the settings for the LDAP server in the Contacts box but I cannot get into the directory (it's for e-mail addresses). Nothing happens when I perform a search.

    I double checked the setup on my Windows machine and using Thunderbird, I can get the e-mail addresses through the VPN connection and LDAP server parameters successfuly.

    I spent a couple of days configuring the vpnc connection with changed Firestarter settings, etc., so I don't think that is the issue. There is some setting or tweak I have not made somewhere that should enable me to see these addresses.

    I haven't tried using Thunderbird yet to see if I can get to the LDAP server using my VPN connection but I would like to keep things in Evolution.

    Any suggestions gratefully appreciated or direction to go. Thank you.

    Neal Lavon
    Takoma Park, MD

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    Re: LDAP and Evolution

    There is a couple of things you should try:
    - I'm not sure with VPN but are your ports open 389 or 636 in firestarter. Try scanning localhost over the network tools.
    - Can you reach the LDAP service with an other tool from your Linux box? Example with LAT
    - In evolution settings I had to set the search scope to SUB
    - In evolution you will only see entries if you write something to the search, you won't see all your entries if search is empty
    - have you tried with the terminal commands:
    ldapsearch -LLL -x -b 'ou=addressbook,dc=subdomain,dc=dyndns,dc=org' -H ldap:// -D 'uid=you,ou=users,dc=subdomain,dc=dyndns,dc=org' -W
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