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Thread: I "love" pulseaudio

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    I "love" pulseaudio

    When I watch Youtube and a movie (doesn't matter which player I use) at the same time, I only have sound in one of them - whichever was launched first.

    Needless to say, I would like to fix this, but I don't know how

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    Re: I "love" pulseaudio

    The solution is to use libflashsupport which fixes this behavior since Flash still doesn't work well with PulseAudio. However the version in the repos is buggy and was removed as a dependency of flashplugin-nonfree. You can still install it however I won't guarantee you will have a pleasant browsing experience because it will most likely cause extremely frequent browser crashes.
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    Re: I "love" pulseaudio

    I believe you may also be able to bypass pulseaudio and go directly to alsa (if I understand how pulseaudio works) by going to System->Preferences->Sound and changing everything to use ALSA instead of pulseaudio. If you are using a non-gstreamer based player, you may have to do something similar in that player.
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