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Thread: Howto: Install Ubuntu without a CD

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    Re: Howto: Install Ubuntu without a CD

    Using UNetBootin, I'm trying to install Ubuntu on an old Vaio laptop with no CD-Rom. Windows XP is installed and it has network connectivity.

    For the first installation, I installed over the network. Everything went fine - I was met with several prompts and it installed on a new partition that the Ubuntu installation created. I played around with Ubuntu for a while and shut down. After a reboot into Windows I was prompted to remove UNetBootin, which I did. Subsequent reboots went directly into Windows, with no boot options. For whatever reason, it seems that Grub did not install.

    I tried installing two more times with the same results. (Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.) I then downloaded ISO's of both Ubuntu & Xubuntu and tried installing them. Same result.

    Now, subsequent installs only install a virtual copy, with no prompts. Between each installation I have removed UNetBootin when prompted. My guess is there must be a configuration file left somewhere on C:, but I cannot find it.

    This seems to be the same problem that Leefmc was having (posts #385 #391 in this thread). I haven't seen any others reporting this problem, nor have I seen a response to Leefmc. Does anyone know why, when using UNetBootin, Ubuntu automatically installs the virtual version and does not allow for a full install? Might an earlier version of Ubuntu behave differently?
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