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Thread: How To: Install a Port Knocker - FWKNOP

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    Re: How To: Install a Port Knocker - FWKNOP

    Michael Rash helped my solve the problem. Apparently the server's clock is 1 minute or so ahead of the client's clock, so the packet was aged as soon as it was sent / received. Therefore in never opened the port.

    I am now running fwknop-1.9.5-pre1 on both client and server, and have GPG working for it. Yay! Then I wrote a simple little script to connect to mycroft (since I keep port 22 blocked now):
    # Usage: unlock <host>
    fwknop -A tcp/22 --gpg-recip 7B0FE328 --gpg-sign 26FD8AF9 -a -D $1 && ssh -XC $1
    I then made a launcher to it in my toolbar in IceWM and get prompted for my password at the click of a button
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