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Thread: Installer Freeze

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    Installer Freeze

    I'm having quite a time trying to install Xubuntu 8.04. I have downloaded both the live cd and the alternate install cd. I have run the md5summer on both and both are perfect images. I burned the cds on 4x speed.

    Both cds will work perfectly, pass the cdrom defect check and everything. Where my problem occurs is when i am in the midst of the install process. On the live cd it will freeze while setting up my partitions. On the alternate cd, i've managed to get beyond the partitioner, but it will not complete the install. It will freeze while installing packages at 6% and will not move. I'm kind of at a loss here for what to do, as up until then the install went smoothly.

    Any suggestions? I'm about to tear my hair out here...

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    Re: Installer Freeze

    It will freeze while installing packages at 6% and will not move
    When it stops at this point how long are you leaving it? I suggest if you haven't already to leave it for awhile as this part of the install seems to take along time.
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