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Thread: Lost internet connection

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    Lost internet connection

    I had it...I know so bcs after I installed Ubuntu, a bunch of things were downloaded, like updaters... I was also chatting on IRC and had surfed around a bit with Firefox.

    Then, I lost the chat connection and Firefox won't get out of offline mode. I have another machine connect to the same router and internet connection (typing on it right now) and it has internet.

    Since I'm pretty new to Ubuntu (as in 2 hours new) I don't know how to restore the internet connection, or even where to start looking.

    Any suggestions?

    thank you!


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    Re: Lost internet connection

    restart computer; check network settings in System -> Administration -> Networking.

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    Re: Lost internet connection

    This might be more of a general networking/isp issue, aside from cabling / apple issue.

    Did you recently install the router to run both machines? Are you cable or dsl? Did you have to run any special software on your original box? Is your internet password / username stored on your original machine, or in the modem or router?

    This might help determine if your internet connection is tied to the physical mac-address of your original box, and is not allowing for use of a second machine.

    I'm no networking guru, but these questions might help determine if it is really a local connection issue, or isp issue.
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    Re: Lost internet connection

    This is a firefox bug. You need to manually reset firefox. Check File > Workoff line. If that works or does not work, please report back.

    Moved to Networking and Wireless.

    Update: Here's a fix if you don't to wait till a newer version comes out.
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