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Thread: Recommended wireless USB adapters?

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    Recommended wireless USB adapters?

    Hi *,

    i look for an wireless USB adapter which just works. That means:

    * USB2.0, 802.11b/g (not 802.11n), WEP/WPA/WPA2,
    * works with the packages network-manager, wpasupplicant and kismet of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS hardy heron
    * in all possible standard compliant wireless setups (WEP, TKIP, CCMP/AES, WPA-PSK, WPA Enterprise/802.1x, WPA2/802.11i, ...)
    * with packages from main/restricted/universe/multiverse only, no 3rd party repo needed
    * without ndiswrapper(!)
    * no recompiling needed

    Can you recommend some hardware? nil0z.

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    Re: Recommended wireless USB adapters?

    I'd also like to know where to find a list of compatible wireless adapters? Anyone?

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    Re: Recommended wireless USB adapters?

    All things wireless and then some more Both links cover hardware that works and hardware that does not work with Ubuntu, I am sure you can navigate to the sections concerned with USB adapters.
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    Re: Recommended wireless USB adapters?

    I'm not doing everything you are doing, but I have a wireless network setup at home with 802.11b/g and WPA security. The wireless USB adapter is an Ativa Wireless G, the wireless router is a Linksys WRT54G2. I also use a D-Link DPR-1260 wireless print server. All worked out of the box, but I did have to address the print server using TCP/IP. Bought all of it at Office Depot. I'm running 64-bit 8.04. Just upgraded kernel to -17 generic with no issues.


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