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Thread: Bandwidth Accounting for all computers on a network

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    Bandwidth Accounting for all computers on a network

    Hey all,
    I am living in shared accomodation and would like some advise in setting up a linux box to sit between my network and the modem to monitor the amount of downloads that a user has used in the past month and also the current bandwidth usage, the first is more important.
    I have had a look at smoothwall and was unable to get smoothwall to pass the internet from the external ethernet adaptor to the internal network. I also looked at PFSense and was unable to find any tutorials that explained the process of counting and then creating a report on the amount of data downloaded.
    I am now turning to applications that can be installed on a ubuntu distro unless anyone has other ideas or has a link to a location with a good how to for pfsense.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Bandwidth Accounting for all computers on a network

    Take a look at IPCOP. Its rock solid, has lots of functionality and normally just works. I run it on pc a very old pc cobbled together from the dump, its got a Compact Flash to IDE converter, so theres no fans and no moving parts.


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