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Thread: SMB Share browsing

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    SMB Share browsing

    In Hardy, how can I browse available shares on SMB servers?

    Liking the changes to network shares in hardy, although it broke all my previous shortcuts.

    However one thing eludes me:
    1. I have to connect to many different smb shares (too many to remember)
    2. SMB connections work great if I know the share name
    3. If I dont know the share name, there seems to be no way to browse the available shares, and nautilus reports
    4. so i have to go to the mac, find out the name of the share by browsing the shares on the server
    5. then i can type it into location bar, go there and make a shortcut

    THe error i get if i dont try to connect direclty to the share is
    Can't display location smb://whatever No application is registered as handling this file

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    Re: SMB Share browsing

    in answer to myself:

    install gnome-commander


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