Hello Ubuntu guys!
I have just migrated from Gentoo to Ubuntu Hardy because of a sudden lack of time to spend configuring manually my new laptop (SONY Vaio VGN-C2S) and I'm quite happy with the distro. It's the first time Linux detects so much hardware correctly.
Big up Ubuntu programmers! LOL

By the way ALL my hardware works correctly only when I start the system in Recovery Mode. If I start it normally I don't go through the first ACPI kernel panic.
Ok, ok let's be cool: acpi=off isn't no solution. Yeah, the system runs but I need my computer to suspend and measure battery life (and all the useful things ACPI does), and of course it bugs me that it goes perfectly in Recovery Mode, so I'm sure there's a solution.
This happens both with the livecd kernel and with the latest update kernel (2.6.27?, can't remember...)

That's it guys, any help is useful!!!
And thanks in advance!