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Thread: NIC trunking or bonding

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    NIC trunking or bonding

    I'm fairly new to this level of systems management....

    I've just got a file server with 4 gigabit NIC's (two on motherboard, two on a separate card) raid 6 on 16 drives, etc. we have a large cpu render farm that hammers the server constantly with large loads both read/write. I would like to bond/trunk the 4 gigE ports on the server so i can get 4 gigabit transfer to/from the file server.

    I have a 48 port gigE switch that i can (easily, it seems) link aggregate 4 ports together, so that leaves me with properly setting up the file server to bond it's 4 ports together.

    i honestly don't really know where to start. i'm running ubuntu 8.04 server edition. i've read a few other posts on the forums but haven't found anything that truly matches my situation.

    any help very much appreciated!


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    Re: NIC trunking or bonding

    You'll want the ifenslave package.

    The kernel module that is needed for this is bonding.o. I think you'll want bonding mode 4 (802.3ad, aggregation). So:

    modprobe bonding mode=4 max_bonds=1

    ifconfig bond0 {... blah blah ... } up
    ifenslave bond0 eth0
    ifenslave bond0 eth1
    ifenslave bond0 eth2
    ifenslave bond0 eth3

    And voila. I hope. I've only ever used bonding for high-availability failover, not aggregation.

    Further docs are here:


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