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Thread: help configuring apache2 with dynamic ip &

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    help configuring apache2 with dynamic ip &

    Hi, I am really lost. Not looking to set up a serious business server right now, but really want to become comfortable with server set up and administration. I have installed LAMP on my desktop 8.04 and can get a webpage to appear in my browser locally. I would like to set up a hostname to use with my roadrunner service which only provides a dynamic ip. I have a router setup and am confused with the NAT operation in the router and the need to do ip forwarding if I want to access my site through the browser from my own network. Is there some kind soul out there who might be able to give a walk through on setting this up?

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    Re: help configuring apache2 with dynamic ip &

    do you see a virtual server option in your router's configuration page.. which router do you have?


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