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Thread: Macbook touchpad cursor moving "in steps"

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    Question Macbook touchpad cursor moving "in steps"


    I already accidently posted a similar post in the Apple Intel Archive (I was directly linked to it and didn't realize it was an archive... sorry for that) and was suggested to search this forum, as a few people had similar issues. I couldn't find anything useful and so I thought it's a good idea to post it once again here

    If I try to configure my touchpad behaviour I always notice the following no matter what I change: The cursor in mac os smoothly moves in a straigt line from one edge to the other if I drag my finger diagonally... In ubuntu, the cursor first moves right, then down, then right, then down, like drawing small steps... it's really annoying and makes navigation in a menu quite a task...

    Here are some pictures to clarify:

    mac os cursor movement:
    ubuntu cursor movement:
    I don't know if this is a driver or configuration issue... I used (and tried to tweak) the configuration from this link:

    Anyone knows how to solve this? Or, as an alternative, anyone with a santa rosa c2d macbook (macbook3,1) who doesn't have this problem willing to post his/her xorg.conf?

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