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Thread: Promiscuous mode doesn't seem to work

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    Promiscuous mode doesn't seem to work

    Hi, I have done some research in this but don't seem to be getting anywhere.

    I have a Dell e1505 running the Broadcom 43xx Chipset driver(Restricted not NDISWrapper). It's got a 1390 WLAN minicard which works wonderfully, so does the wired card.

    This is a fresh install of Ubuntu and everything works, but when I use Wireshark and Driftnet, it doesn't seem to go into promiscuous mode.

    Driftnet shows only what I browse, Wireshark shows no HTTP traffic other than from this PC, but shows CUPS, ARP, etc. from other PCs.

    I have tried putting my wireless(eth1) into promiscuous mode with:

    sudo ifconfig eth1 mode promisc
    I have changed the modes to monitor as well with:

    sudo iwconfig eth1 mode monitor
    Anyway, I messed around with the modes and read up a little about iwconfig but nothing seems to have any effect.

    I saw a few sites claiming that the broadcom driver supports promiscuous mode, so I think I'm okay there.

    Anyway, that's where I'm at.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Promiscuous mode doesn't seem to work

    Have you tried running Kismet?

    It will kick your card into prom off the bat.
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    Re: Promiscuous mode doesn't seem to work

    Thanks, I haven't. I'll give that a whirl. The only thing is that Wireshark and Driftnet are both set to promisc mode when I have been running them, but I'll try Kismet too.


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