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Thread: Howto: Install Ubuntu without a CD

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    Re: Howto: Install Ubuntu without a CD

    Quote Originally Posted by pcmanager View Post
    Hi All. Im trying to use unetbootin and in a new pclos gnome hd instalation i get the message 7pzip-full not installed when starting unetbootin. I check synaptics and it shows it installed. After the error message the unetbootin starts and downloads the file i choose but stops after download... I also tried it on a win xp serpack2 machine. unetbootin starts. downloads files fast 731 meg 100 percent downlaoded then stops. No extraction or copy will start? Thanks for any help you can give me.
    Try pre-downloading the ISO to your desktop and providing the file to UNetbootin manually (on Windows); do you get the same error? As for "stops", how long did you wait before closing it (it may take a while to extract)? As for the error on PCLinuxOS, try entering the command "7z" on the terminal, the command isn't found right? Are there any other p7zip/7-zip packages in the PCLOS repos, try installing them if there are.
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