Hello and thank you for reading this in advance.

I've upgraded to hardy a few times in the past which always resulted in me reverting back to gutsy because I've always had trouble in installing my graphics drivers.

The problem is when I install them and do the usual required system restart right after the Nvidia splash and before the Ubuntu log in screen I get this error message saying it can't detect my graphics card, and must use low graphics mode. I have an option to either select my display settings such as monitor model, max res, default fps and the graphics card model, or to continue. Even if I manually set all that up to the correct settings it stays low graphics mode.

Restricted drivers do not work. Envy does not work. They will both lead to the error.

I should also say I was trying to tweak with xorg in attempt to rid myself of this problem which lead to no monitor functionality so I had to make a fresh new xorg.

I found this topic which sounds related to what I have. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5016790. The guy said he just got all available updates and BAM magic! However my system says I am currently up to date.