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Thread: Strange Internet Problem (Positive Trivial Checks)

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    Strange Internet Problem (Positive Trivial Checks)

    I had been using Gutsy for three months, when I decided to try some new distributions, when I removed Gutsy completely and got the new stuff working. But then again, I decided to install Gutsy again, with an additional Puppy Linux. Now , the thing is Internet won't work on Gutsy(wired or wireless) , while it works fine on Puppy.
    The strange part is :

    1. Earlier, with only Ubuntu (and a useless FreeDOS) installed, Internet(wired AND wireless) worked fine. But now, with Puppy and Ubuntu both installed ( no FreeDOS), Internet works fine on Puppy, but not on Ubuntu. So I tried to access Internet from the LiveCD interface, still no luck except a half loaded website and getting stuck at
    Connecting to ...
    on eventually trying out again alongwith other sites.

    2. I performed all the trivial tests and the results were :
    ->correct device recognition, correct driver recognition, correct interface information, correct dhcp address assignment, correct DNS, positive ping results with 0% packet loss.

    Now, I've started to believe there's some problem with Mozilla, but that seems somewhat improbable. I am really confused right now, and any help will be really appreciated. Thanks !

    Edit : I have also tried the ipv6 fix by disabling it, but still , no use.
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    Re: Strange Internet Problem (Positive Trivial Checks)

    mhm - what can you ping, exactly ? only local machines, or stuff on the internet aswell ? also, can you access the paket repositories, or is that blocked too ?

    if it is not blocked, i'd suggest you try something like w3m or wget to test of this is a firefox or a general computer problem...

    Also, i did not see the check for the proper default gateway in your list did you check that aswell ?

    hope it helps (somewhat)
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    Re: Strange Internet Problem (Positive Trivial Checks)

    Did you power-down between OS's? There's a thread around here (somewhere) that mentions the NIC not getting properly reset between OS changes (it was XP and Ubuntu) unless machine was fully restarted.
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