I'll give the entire story because I am not a very experienced linux user... Just a bit of an experimenter (I'm amazing with Windows though.. not to toot my own horn).

I have the ATI Radeon XPRESS 200M chipset in my Gateway MX6425 laptop. The "driver" I have installed on my fresh Ubuntu Hardy Heron install is that one single proprietry driver that ubuntu keeps telling me to install after it detects it.. So I do (if you need more info as to which drier that is, you'll have to instruct me on how to get it).

OK so now the PROBLEM:
I tried playing two games and they both did hte same thing (mind you, I don't know if I'm supposed to install them or what hte heck I do, but I unzipped/extracted their files to the desktop, opened them and clicked the file that looked like it had something to do with either setup or running hte porgram)... the games were FretsOnFire and Nexuiz (both popular.. large games) and both games have this flashy problem where the screen does just that... its constantly flashing on and off rapidly (not strobe light style.. but as if a loose contact was just wobbling back and forth for the monitor fairly quickly. This is just an example) . The idea here is that, I don't think my drivers for the ATI radeon xpress 200M that I have are sufficient. I went to my winows install on the laptop, downloaded the windows version of Frets on Fire, and it worked without a problem. So the card is capable of handling the game, but the drivers in linux arent. Is there anything I should be doing?

Please help a young fool

Thanks in advance!