I posted before, but got no response, and I'm guessing it's because no one knows the answer (sounds like a challenge huh )

I need to make a DVD that can load all the Ubuntu variants (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, etc..) plus other tools (mostly floppy images), and other distributions of Linux (mostly PCLinuxOS and Freespire). I need this DVD to start up with a menu allowing a selection of which installation to use, and proced from there. Use of the LiveCD function of each OS would be helpful, but not required (it would be real nice though, as this is all primarily for demonstration/testing purposes).


I know something like this has to be possible. Ultimate BootCD does something similar, as well as a few others. The solution could be either Windows XP based or Ubuntu based, as I run both OS's.

Anything would be helpful, Thanks!!!!!!