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Thread: Installing a Kernel Module?

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    Installing a Kernel Module?

    Ok i want to try to install the omnibook/toshiba module i downloaded here:

    to see if it will fix my battery life/lcd dimming problem on my Toshiba M45

    I downloaded the file but have no idea how to install it. Can someone help me out. I am a newbie.

    commands and all would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: Installing a Kernel Module?

    Any help? I can't find help for this anywhere. I am desperate.

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    Re: Installing a Kernel Module?

    Translating the installation instructions, it sounds like you might need to have the full kernel source code in order for the kernel module to compile correctly -- at least that is what he says. Usually, the headers are enough. The full kernel source is pretty huge.

    I would try with the headers only first. Find out what your kernel version is using
    uname -r
    Then, use Synaptic and install the linux-kernel-headers package that corresponds to the kernel. I am not sure, but I think you might be able to install just "linux-kernel-headers" and the package management software will get the right one. If the headers are not enough, you will need to get the linux-kernel-source package.

    You also need to install the compiler (gcc) and the standard libraries. These are contained in the package build-essential.

    Once you have installed these, download the source tarball, untar it (double click it), and enter the source directory. From there, do the commands as in the instructions.


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