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Thread: newb (100%) lost on server setup

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    newb (100%) lost on server setup i couldnt get an iso that wasnt corrupted, so i install the regular desktop edition of 8.04....later ill go through and delete all the stuff i dont need. but for now can someone give me a hand with what im going to need to get a server up and running..

    i know i need LAMP but im not sure what else ill l be using this as a webhost for my business not just as a home network...

    Ps i had a guide but it got deleted or something and now im thanks guys
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    Re: newb (100%) lost on server setup

    i have no idea either, but i will be watching this thread to see what i can learn
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    Re: newb (100%) lost on server setup

    I think the easiest way for newbies is to just
    open a terminal.

    sudo apt-get install ebox ebox-all
    and go from there.

    There is also the gadmin tools

     apt-cache search gadmin
    You can also install webmin.


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